What You Need to Know Regarding Commercial Safes

Are you considering installing a commercial safe on your business property? Maybe you have secured documents or cash that needs protecting at all times or valuable company assets that you would be remiss to leave lying out in the open? Whatever you need extra security to protect, a modern commercial safe offers an unbeatable level of protection. A professional locksmith company like Andy’s Locksmith of Oak Forest, Illinois can outfit your business with a top-quality commercial safe to provide an extra barrier of security between unwanted intruders and your most important assets.    

Is a Commercial Safe Right for Your Business?  

When considering whether to add a commercial safe to your business property, it’s important to assess if this investment is a necessary one. Commercial safes have many different uses. These include cash protection to keep excess amounts of cash out of the registers and on standby until it can be deposited in the bank. Companies that handle cash daily, such as retail stores, restaurants, and casinos benefit from cash safes to guard their money.   

Commercial safes are also important for asset protection. If there are expensive assets on your business property, consider looking in to the installation of a wall safe, which is much more secure than any locked drawer or box. 

A final need for a commercial safe that we’ll mention here is the protection of confidential documents. If your business has sensitive materials on sight in physical copies or digital backups that need to be restricted from all those but select people, a commercial safe can do the job of guarding those confidential materials so you don’t have to worry about safeguarding them in a vulnerable drawer of your desk or filing cabinet. You’ll know that your confidential information is protected by the utmost level of security in a commercial safe.   

What Types of Businesses Benefit from a Commercial Safe?  

You may wonder if your type of business needs a safe, or if the security protection you already have is sufficient.   

Anywhere that volumes of cash are exchanged for goods and services should consider a safe as a viable means of protection.  

Types of Commercial Safes  

A locksmith is capable of installing:  

Each type of safe has its practical applications, and a locksmith can guide you in determining the best type of safe to install on your commercial property. For example, under-counter safes are small safes that are used to deposit excessive cash from a nearby cash register, so that the register is kept at a reasonable cash level. Different locking mechanisms can also be considered for their security properties and the preference of the business owner. Electronic access control is currently the most popular type of lock mechanism, generally featuring digital touch screens.   

Most high-quality safes are crafted from solid steel and strong alloys in multiple layers that form a strong and protective body and door of the safe. Depending on the model of safe, multiple security features like deadbolts, bolt chambers, re-lockers, and other types may be used to keep criminals out in addition to the strength of the exterior. The options for interior compartments, shelves, and lining are also customizable so you can have a safe that fits your needs no matter what the purpose of your business.   

About Fire-Rated Safes  

While you can certainly find safes without fire protection, a fire-resistant safe is highly recommended if you want to be certain to preserve your important belongings and cash not only in case of an attempted burglary but also fire emergencies. Even if you think it could never happen at your building, even if you have diligent fire drills and many sprinklers, it’s still crucial to preserve your belongings in a fire-rated safe or they risk being destroyed. Fire safes are rated by the UL Laboratory and are put through rigorous testing to ensure that they can stand up to the high heat of a fire for an extended period of time.   

Installation of Commercial Safes  

A commercial locksmith can assess the layout, exits, and vulnerabilities of your individual property to help you determine the best place to install a commercial safe. Most locksmiths can deliver and install a safe within a short period of time. If the safe includes shelving, this can be adjusted or removed to suit the needs of the property. A locksmith can also provide a number of maintenance and repair services for your commercial safe, so it’s best to find a company you can trust in case you need to call them on multiple occasions for assistance. These services include opening safe lockouts, rekeying safe locks, opening stuck or jammed safes, making safe repairs, and even opening high security safes and vaults.   

Whether you need a set of cash holding safes for underneath the counters by your business’s cash registers or a waterproof, fire-resistant vault to hold your company’s important assets, the right locksmith can set you up with the best value and choice on the market. The right locksmith company will listen to your needs and goals for what type of safe you’re looking for:  

A locksmith will take measurements once you determine the area to install the safe and assess the current structure of the building in that location. Next, the locksmith will guide you in choosing the best safe available for your property from the possible options. The installation usually takes no more than an hour.   

If you’re ready to install a commercial safe at your business property, contact a local locksmith in your area today to discuss your options. By considering all of the options available to you and deciding which safe is the right one for your business, you are ensuring that your documents, cash, or assets are protected by the best security advantage available.